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Enabling the Business of Agriculture project

We are pleased to announce that WBW Weremczuk Bobel & Partners was invited to participate in Enabling the Business of Agriculture project, organized by the World Bank Group - the world's largest development bank and an observer at the United Nations Development Group. The main objective of the project is to identify obstacles to the commercialization of agriculture, including laws affecting agricultural activities. By 2016, the study will be carried out in more than 80 countries. The final report will be a comparison of legislative mechanisms used around the world in order to strengthen the industry and trade in agriculture.

Published on: 03-02-2015
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WBW Weremczuk Bebel & Partners gave it's financial support to an academic conference on "Common Agricultural Policy as a form of protection from unstable economic situation in Europe"

The gathering took place at Adam Mickiewicz University Law and Administration Faculty in Poznań headquarters on the 16 of January 2015 and was organised by European law students society - Futurum Europae. The conference was organised as an reaction to Russia's president announcement of the "special economic means application to insure security of the Russian Federation" decree which in consequence brought the last year's embargo declaration on Polish vegetables and fruits. The conference itself was to sum up 50 years of the Common Agricultural Policy's history and achievements. The discussion referred to the policy's present from by going through current binding regulations as well as attempts to shape a possible reform, that could improve the effectiveness of the economic sector protection in case of similar political situation comes about in the future.

Published on: 29-01-2015
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We are more than happy to announce that Polish-Ukrainian section of Spanish Arbitration Club has constituted

We are more than happy to announce that Polish-Ukrainian section of Spanish Arbitration Club has constituted. Spanish Arbitration Club (Club Espanol de Arbitraje) is an organisation; located in Madrid; that promotes economic arbitrage in Spain, Portugal, Latin America and countries, where companies of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American origin are operating. It gathers over 800 members from 37 countries. Due to a growing presence of companies of such kind in Poland and Ukraine, Spanish and Portuguese speaking lawyers from Poland and Ukraine took on creating a new section of the Club. Attorney at law Michał Gniatkowski liable for Spanish-speaking clients at WBW Weremczuk Bobel & Partners, is one of the founder member of the newly formed section of the Spanish Arbitration Club.

Published on: 28-01-2015
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